The Volkswagen Range: Sculptured to perfection

At Mon Motors Volkswagen, we are immensely proud to be approved representatives of the Volkswagen brand and its immense heritage. There aren't many motor manufacturers that have brought so many iconic cars to the world as Volkswagen. The Beetle, a car whose latest reincarnation exudes the same spirit and style as the original and of course the Golf, a car that has become a modern masterpiece.

Volkswagen was created in 1934 by Ferdinand Porsche and it was built on one simple concept - the people's car. That meant that Volkswagen was going to be an affordable and reliable means of transport for everyone. From those early days the brand has now grown to be one of the main motor car manufacturers in the world.

Ever since Volkswagen was made it has been a popular brand, especially in the UK and by 1960 the 50,000th car was being imported to the UK. Even today Volkswagen has the Golf, Beetle and Passat in the ‘Top 10 Best Selling Cars of All Time’ and many awards have been awarded to Volkswagen models across the years, creating an excellent history and future for the Volkswagen brand.

Volkswagen believes that the best way to honour and maintain our esteemed reputation is by making investment in the future. This investment means that you will see Volkswagen pioneering developments in design, technology and the environment. There’s a Volkswagen for all of us.

To see this investment in action then simply explore the new car section of this site.

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