Volkswagen Connect

Introducing Volkswagen Connect, your very own driving assistant where you can get information about your vehicle straight to your smartphone.

How it works

Simply download the Volkswagen Connect App from Google Play or Apple Store for free. Visit your local Mon Motors Volkswagen to pick up your DataPlug free of charge, plug it into your to existing diagnostic-port and off you go.

Volkswagen Connect is available for many of our models built since 2008.

Key Features

Trips: For a better overview.

Your DataPlug records all of your journeys from start to finish: it monitors the data, time, duration, route taken and cost per journey. This allows you to analyse your driving style, check out mileage statistics, driving time and average whenever you want. You can also specify the purpose of each of your journeys, categorise them and export all data into PDF form.

Driving Style: For more efficiency.

The driving style section of the App records acceleration, breaking, speed, rpm and coolant temperature data in graphical form and automatically calculates your “Efficient Driving” score. You will collect points for efficient driving and with the help of the app’s hints and tops you can improve your driving style.

Fuel Monitor: For greater control over costs.

The Fuel Monitor section records all of your fuel fill-ups and stores that data in a convenient overview. The app will automatically notify you when it notices that you have filled up and allow you to add extra details to your fuel purchase. You can then keep track of how often you fill up and how much it is costing your to keep your vehicle running each month.

Parking Space: For more time.

This section shows you where your vehicle is located as well as the time your vehicle was parked. There are two buttons – Route and Share – which will show you how to get to your vehicle or allow you to send your vehicle’s location to other passengers. The detailed view provides you with more information including when your paid-parking is about to end.

Challenges: For more excitement on the road.

Add more enjoyment to your drive with tasks and challenges. Test yourself against other Volkswagen drivers and collect points and trophies. Once your reach a certain score, you move onto the next level and unlock more challenges.

Service Partners: For more convenience.

In this section you can see all of our Service Partners and call them directly from the app, allowing you to stay in though with Volkswagen Service, when you’re on the road. Have questions about your vehicles performance? Simply send the vehicle data over to the Service Partner of your choice via the app and arrange your Service appointment that’s tailored to your precise needs.

Assistance Call: For more safety.

This enables you to directly contact the 24-hour breakdown services or the Volkswagen Roadside Assistance at the touch of a button.

My Volkswagen: For more information and safety.

This section displays the most important information about your vehicle in one place. It will display alerts explaining any issues or recommending a course of action for your vehicle. Set reminders for your service, store your vehicle’s details and scheduled work needed. For added peace of mind you can even contact your preferred Retailer or Volkswagen Emergency Call Centre directly from the app.

Pick up your DataPlug from your local Mon Motors Volkswagen today and discover the benefits of Volkswagen Connect.

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